Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's all in the details

Work is so frustrating right now.  I almost wish I was back in Arkansas. Almost.

In the past certain members of management let things slide.  A bunch of things.  I ended up transferring to a restaurant where people would be on their cell phones the whole shift, eating in the middle of volume shifts, swearing (I do like me some swear words but policy is policy) and many other small issues that snowballed into bigger ones.

About a month ago we had our DM come to our store because our numbers are down and...well....lets just say that our managers found out how expendable they are.  So after the visit our managers started upholding our different policies and more importantly, being consistent about it.  As they start this, our VP starts making a lot of noise about teeny, tiny things (think name badge font).

The thing is, if I were back in Ar. then these little changes that the VP wants would be no big deal because the managers I come from were very consistent.  But here, not so much and now it seems to be micromanaging at its best...or worst...And it still wouldn't be so bad but workers are getting their panties in a bunch and pissing and moaning about it.

Sadly, that was what the issue with the GM was.  All these "changes" were some how him being a dick.  And wouldn't you know it, he gets fired but lo and behold the remaining managers are still micromanaging the restaurant.

And guess what I get to hear all day long..."what?! why can't I get on my cell phone, I have a kid!"..."I'm not changing my nails until the bitter end"...."Ugh...why can't my gauges be see through"...."Corporate is being fascist"...."I don't make any money here"..."I hate this fucking place"....etc...etc.......all friggin night


  1. ok so the fascist one is my favorite comment because I was surprised he could even properly pronounce the word

  2. It's amazing how quickly things go bad with the managers are not consistent. Then once you try to fix the behaviors you've allowed for so long it's very hard to get it done!

  3. RM is right - it is like closing the barn door after the horses got out.

    Still, who doesn't know you shouldn't be near your cell phone while on a shift. I realize it is just one of many things, but it is amazing how us old geezers, with kids, managed for years without those little gadgets. Kids or not [sick parents, etc.] if it is a TRUE emergency anyone can call the restaurant on the landline. GASP - they still exist.

    A's comment made me laugh - he could probably pronounce it, but the question is does he really know what it means? Quite the overstatement imo.