Sunday, April 3, 2011


For your enjoyment, an article about how to not be an annoying customer.  Yahoo, you have slightly redeemed yourself.

And now about the rest of this last week.  Filled in at another location because they lost all of their bartenders over the new tip share policy.  I was training one of the two people and the other one was a brand spanking new bartender two days out of training.  Easy night though.  We have had issues with trainees at our restaurant.  Evidently, us telling them that the menu test is really frickin hard and that they need to study it a little bit every night really doesn't mean anything.  We have another class this week...we'll see what happens.


  1. I would say yes to the "slightly redeeming" part if it wasn't Dublanca being extensively quoted. As much as he is right, how many times does the man have to be interviewed. He isn't the end all to the waiter experience and he can be read in so many other places, why does another article need to be written featuring him. It is just ad nauseum.

    I was shocked at the number of comments, but glad that the article was read. I was disheartened in reading the comments how many people still insist on being pigs in regards to "go back to school and get a real job" or "I don't have to tip." Sad that so many take the servant in the word servant and act accordingly as jerks.

    And I wish the urban myth of servers/BOH messing with food would just DIE already. It doesn't stop guests from being douchecanoes and employees aren't that desperate to risk the health of their customers. [Those two Dominoes employees are the exception to the rule.]

  2. *take the word server to mean servant, not what I wrote. Sorry.