Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's all in the details

Work is so frustrating right now.  I almost wish I was back in Arkansas. Almost.

In the past certain members of management let things slide.  A bunch of things.  I ended up transferring to a restaurant where people would be on their cell phones the whole shift, eating in the middle of volume shifts, swearing (I do like me some swear words but policy is policy) and many other small issues that snowballed into bigger ones.

About a month ago we had our DM come to our store because our numbers are down and...well....lets just say that our managers found out how expendable they are.  So after the visit our managers started upholding our different policies and more importantly, being consistent about it.  As they start this, our VP starts making a lot of noise about teeny, tiny things (think name badge font).

The thing is, if I were back in Ar. then these little changes that the VP wants would be no big deal because the managers I come from were very consistent.  But here, not so much and now it seems to be micromanaging at its best...or worst...And it still wouldn't be so bad but workers are getting their panties in a bunch and pissing and moaning about it.

Sadly, that was what the issue with the GM was.  All these "changes" were some how him being a dick.  And wouldn't you know it, he gets fired but lo and behold the remaining managers are still micromanaging the restaurant.

And guess what I get to hear all day long..."what?! why can't I get on my cell phone, I have a kid!"..."I'm not changing my nails until the bitter end"...."Ugh...why can't my gauges be see through"...."Corporate is being fascist"...."I don't make any money here"..."I hate this fucking place"....etc...etc.......all friggin night

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Yes, it's true

Found this article, and on page two it talks about server jedi tricks...yes we do use these....ok well, not everybody but a great many people that I work with and have worked with in the past.

♫♪ Closing time...finish your whiskey or beer... ♪♫

I sometimes wonder where these people come from.  Seriously, this city is NOT Vegas (or other 24 hour cities) we're in the MIDWEST. There are only a handful of restaurants that are open after ten/eleven (think like IHOP and one or two pizza places).  Tonight from about 9:15 until 10:27 the only phone calls I get are people who ask, "What time do you close?"   So while I get to answer these, the best ones were the two that came after we closed.

caller 1: what time do you close
me: we closed fifteen minutes ago, Sun-Thurs we close at 10, Fri and Sat we close at 11.
caller 1: ok thanks

caller 2: when do yall close?
me: we closed 27 minutes ago, Sun-blah blah blah
caller 2: stuttering blah blah thanks...
me: have a great night *click*

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A-well-a bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word...

So evidently something happened at the meeting last Saturday.  From what I can tell the GM was speaking about a corporate policy change and flipped the bird.  And now he is deceased from our restaurant.  It makes me sad.  He was a good manager and I liked the fact that he didn't hold back what he thought. 
But, with regime changes come new topics right?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Yesterday my manager, my co-worker/friend Sheva, and I were having a conversation about the fact that Sheva is Ethiopian.  I learned a new word which I used....oh...only about 50 times today.  The conversation was sort of like this:

blahblah yackiity blah...
Me: You speak pretty good English for someone who isn't from here. When did yall move?
Manager: A, stop that.
Sheva: *laughing We moved when  I was about four.
Me: So how much of your family is in the states?
Sheva: Oh my mom, dad, sister, an aunt and uncle....lists some more
Manager: So have you gotten to visit your family over in Africa?
Sheva: Yes last year
Me: Do they live in cities or out in mud huts while Susan Struthers eats all their food?
Manager: A!
Me: What it's a legitimate question!?! And it's not like I don't know that there is at least one city that has electricity
Manager: A! You're not being P.C.
Sheva: *laughing* blah blah ...paved roads...blah blah out farther dirt roads...blah
Me: So...did you have shoes before you were four or did you get your first pair here?
Manager: A...*whispers* P.C. *turns to co-worker* Does your family speak Ethipiopian? Say something please?
Me: Ew! Oh! hey you should teach me a word *nodding enthusiastically
Manager: No don't...
Sheva: *laughing* ok...teaches me the word then says something else
Me: practicing under my breath
Manager: What did you say...wait what did you teach her?
Sheva: *says what she said but not what she taught me
Me: so it's ****
Sheva: nodding
Manager: What is that A?
Me: Dumbass... *smirk
Manager: A...
Me: What? It's not like the word is technically a bad word...I mean I could just say chingada or chinga su those are bad words. Plus I could be walking past tables and say **** and they have no clue what I'm saying and if they ask then I can totally deflect them with how I have this awesome co-worker from Ethiopia and how she's teaching it to me.  If they do happen to know what I'm really saying then *getting innocent, blank look on my face* Well, jeez, it's no wonder my friend is laughing at me if that is what I'm saying.
 Manager: A...*at this point she just shakes her head*...just...P.C....
Me: Boss, I have to get this non-P.C. stuff out before I become a manager...or at least be able to contain it....or own my own restaurant, then I could say whatever...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Where is my training pay?

I understand that there is a certain amount of knowledge that I'm supposed to have. When my guests ask me about different menu items I should know what the answer is; if, on the off chance I don't know the answer, then I always find it for them. I also understand that by working in the restaurant that I do that some people think that makes me an expert of some sort on all things Italian (olive oil, the difference between olives, the Sopranos, etc. etc.). This stuff I fake pretty well (knowing a lot of useless trivia is very beneficial).

What I don't feel I should have to teach people is the fact that you shouldn't believe everything you see on the internet. Or on the TV.  Or in the newspaper.

I got to explain to a guest how just because a site may be legitimate doesn't mean all of the information on it is legit (CNN has had this experience).  Or how about even if a television show does a segment on a site does not mean the site or what is offered on the site is legit.  I mean how often do you see retractions printed in media?  How often do either anchors apologize about mistakes or other broadcasts pick up the fact that there were mistakes and poke fun at them?

So I go through this spiel about how if our restaurant did have an offer on said site then it is a scam and how our restaurant offers several coupons and what-not through facebook and at the end of the conversation she says, "it's not that I don't believe what your saying but can I get the number to your XY location because that's where I would actually end up going."  No lady, it's ok. You told me at the beginning of the call that you didn't know much about computers and all that "stuff".  Just so you know though, there is this lawyer in Zimbahujitsu that need's help.  See, his client has died and has no relatives but left a great deal of money......

*I just looked up the site the guest asked me about and the only reference that I can find about my restaurant is under the ad section.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

An interesting article...

I like both of these articles. Both articles are definitely worth the read. One is about being nice to your server (and has a poll at the end) the other is about server smarts.

Out the door?

So there are some major changes happening at work today.  Luckily, I don't work today so I don't have to listen to all the bitching that I'm sure is going on. I didn't have to go to the meeting this morning since I had a one-on-one with the manager yesterday so I got to miss all the outrage that probably went on.  It does make me wonder many people are going to quit?  I so can't wait to find out.