Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You just asked what?!

This particular guest tonight wasn't even mine but still the audacity of them pisses me off.  A girl I work with who we will just call Copenhagen had a table toward the end of the night that when it came time to sign his credit card asked if she voted for Obama....um WTMFF!! seriously jackass? Does your boss cut two checks and then asks who you voted for or what faith you are apart of before he gives you one of them...no, I bet he doesn't because guess what, that would get his ass sued or fired.  How dare you ask that and then tip her less because she responds with "well, um...that's a hard question to answer..." (she then walked away). 

I am so fricking glad I wasn't there when he asked her that because I would have willingly taken a writeup for making him look like the total douche he is.

*WTMFF = what the mother fuckin fuck

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Something for my "super-fantastic" guests

so I was in the liquor store today to make a medicinal purchase...you know something to drown my sorrows and cleanse the stupidity of some people from my mind.
I saw these
I really think that this "tequila" would make some of my fantastic guests (hell it would probably work for my crappy, crabby co-workers) happier...and for the others, well at least there is something legitimate to pull out of their butts.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Damn you, MSN

really msn do you have to stoop to yahoo's level? to be fair the only part of the article that I have a real issue with is number 2 (the others didn't irritate me as much). It's not like restaurant patrons already don't understand the fact that just because a table is open doesn't necessarily mean they can be sat.  Seriously writer, have you EVER worked in a restaurant?  In fact the only redeeming part of this article are the comments which have not yet fallen to name calling between people in the biz and bastards who don't tip for dumb reasons.  The best one I have seen is from skynluvr "If I go out to eat, Im not on a bargain hunting excursion! I want GOOD food and usually a couple beers! If I have to penny pinch, I shouldnt be there in the first place!"

I don't know if you have been in the biz before or not but I do love the common sense that you show us all.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


For your enjoyment, an article about how to not be an annoying customer.  Yahoo, you have slightly redeemed yourself.

And now about the rest of this last week.  Filled in at another location because they lost all of their bartenders over the new tip share policy.  I was training one of the two people and the other one was a brand spanking new bartender two days out of training.  Easy night though.  We have had issues with trainees at our restaurant.  Evidently, us telling them that the menu test is really frickin hard and that they need to study it a little bit every night really doesn't mean anything.  We have another class this week...we'll see what happens.