Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You just asked what?!

This particular guest tonight wasn't even mine but still the audacity of them pisses me off.  A girl I work with who we will just call Copenhagen had a table toward the end of the night that when it came time to sign his credit card asked if she voted for Obama....um WTMFF!! seriously jackass? Does your boss cut two checks and then asks who you voted for or what faith you are apart of before he gives you one of them...no, I bet he doesn't because guess what, that would get his ass sued or fired.  How dare you ask that and then tip her less because she responds with "well, um...that's a hard question to answer..." (she then walked away). 

I am so fricking glad I wasn't there when he asked her that because I would have willingly taken a writeup for making him look like the total douche he is.

*WTMFF = what the mother fuckin fuck


  1. whaaaaaaaaat a pretentious ASSHOLE.

  2. I would have looked right at him and asked "Did you have sex with your wife last night." And when he gasped and retorted "That's an inappropriate question!" I would then shoot back "So was yours sir."

    What a douchecanoe. Wow.

  3. @ theblonde, I can't agree more

    @SkippyMom, that is much better than what I probably would have said and probably would have kept me out of a write up :-)

  4. It's really sad to know that the value of money comes down to who you vote for. I would have turned around and said 'Well, did you?' and if they said know, asked if they watch Sarah Palin's Alaska regularly. But that's just me.