Saturday, April 16, 2011

Damn you, MSN

really msn do you have to stoop to yahoo's level? to be fair the only part of the article that I have a real issue with is number 2 (the others didn't irritate me as much). It's not like restaurant patrons already don't understand the fact that just because a table is open doesn't necessarily mean they can be sat.  Seriously writer, have you EVER worked in a restaurant?  In fact the only redeeming part of this article are the comments which have not yet fallen to name calling between people in the biz and bastards who don't tip for dumb reasons.  The best one I have seen is from skynluvr "If I go out to eat, Im not on a bargain hunting excursion! I want GOOD food and usually a couple beers! If I have to penny pinch, I shouldnt be there in the first place!"

I don't know if you have been in the biz before or not but I do love the common sense that you show us all.

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  1. :grinding my teeth: I hate, hate, hate these kind of articles. I feel your pain.

    And I love the quote from the comments you posted - that is exactly how me and the family go out to eat. We budget for the tip first.