Sunday, July 17, 2011

♫♪♫♪ Meltdown...fuck yeah...meltdown...fuck yeah! ♪♫♪♫

This post goes out to the lady who Flipped-the-Shiz-Out today.  Thank you ma'am for being such an asshole to the extent that ALL of us working got a laugh.  The melt down over our salad bowls not being from the freezer cold was hilarious.  We had run out but you didn't care; which lead to more laughing and snickering when you discovered that we touch the rims of the bowls with our hands (OH MY GOD!! THE HORROR).    A sincere and heartfelt thanks goes out to the table next to this one that told them to get the hell out...and imagine our surprise when flip-out lady did in fact leave. She made it to the host stand before screaming at the hosts and manager about how horrible this visit was and how she is never coming back (we can only hope).  Of course, this gave us another 15 minutes to all find a reason to go to the bar and watch all the drama.  I only wish someone had taken a video of it so we could watch it but, alas, she was lucky that no one had their phone out.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hippie Chick has struck again

So as if throwing Cherokee under the bus wasn't enough for her, Hippie Chick, has struck a-friggin-gain.  One of the new managers Shanaynay is the newest notch on HC's bitchy belt of velour (or hemp...really I don't know what hippies make their clothes from).  And this time it is strictly a vengeful/bitch move.  A mutual friend, Cher, is getting promoted to a management spot and had a going away/congrats party.  Cher was dating Shanaynay's cousin (a story for another day perhaps) and he ended up at the after party at Cher's place.  Drunk does not compare to the adjective for some of the people at the party but at some point Shanaynay was invited and showed up as that same adjective.  From what I was told by one of the few sober people there is that basically she walked in and went upstairs to pass out (so people saw her a few minutes tops) but this amount of time was all HC needed to be able to tell the GM...oh I'm sorry I mean let it slip and just not know how it got taken out of context....that Shanaynay was hanging with 15-ish employees.

And now that GM knows she has to call corporate and conduct an investigation.  HC is portraying herself as the victim in all of this (because of course she is) at the same time she is going around and telling every team member she sees that she will be the newest addition to the bar staff.  I just hope that HC remembers that Karma is a hardcore bitch.