Saturday, October 29, 2011

Augh...TITS AND ASS...

I made crap tonight...actually let me re-phrase that.  I made CRRRRAAAAAAAAPPPP tonight. Its got to be because it's Halloween. If I can remember past the laryngitis I had last year I think I vaguely remember making shit then too. Or maybe I'm just projecting this year on to last.

On a side note though, if your costume is just a tutu and a see through tank top with jeggings and a hippie head-band...this does not constitute a costume...just several ideas of what could potentially be decent costumes.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Balls yeah!!!

So I have a new job, no, I don't plan on quitting the Italian Place for awhile I just wanted to get ahead of some bills. But for the foreseeable future I will only work weekends in the restaurant biz. I did find this article though that I wish corporate would consider.

The new place I work at is a psychiatric hospital. So far it has been interesting and I think I will really enjoy it once I learn what I am doing. I have come up with a couple of rules for anyone else who goes through this transtion:
      1. Just because you have to "always" smile in the restaurant industry doesn't mean that you should do so in a psychiatric hospital...odds are a patient who is waiting to be committed will call you out on it.
      2. Just because you are the super energetic type in the restaurant (as in: that's fantastic! super wonderful! I'm super-fantastic(in response to how are you)! etc) doesn't mean that you should be this enthusiastic when speaking to others at a psychiatric hospital.

I'm sure I will come up with others but for now I just have these two.