Friday, October 22, 2010


In case you can't figure this one out I'm going to help.  The menu (you know that thing that has pictures and descriptions of what we can and can't make for you to stuff your gullet with) is actually separated into different groups of like items.  Such as appetizers, salads, classic recipes, chicken, dessert, alcoholic drinks, etc, etc...if the item that you order is under any heading that is not an appetizer then you get a salad or a soup (no these aren't complementary--part of the reason your entree is $20 is so you can have this option) if you want to order an appetizer as you dinner and you want the salad or soup, then fine, but you will have a charge for this.  When I tell you about this charge please listen to the noises that are coming out of my mouth I don't make them for my own pleasure they are being made to disperse important information to you.

If you choose to not listen then don't, but you forfeit the right to complain about the additional charge when you receive your check.  Telling me "well, I didn't eat salad" when I pulled six plates with salad gooies off your table will just piss me off.  It come down to this, I can either charge you (which you get upset about) or I can not charge you (which will get me fired (which you don't care about anyway)). Given these choices I will always tell you that I'm charging you and then I will proceed to do it. STFU and get over it.