Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Karma, you bitch...

Three of our managers have been suspended.  One of which I feel really bad for and I hope he doesn't become deceased from our restaurant.  The other two, Miagi and Cherokee, played a part in the termination of the former GM so really this is just comeuppance. Wednesday night the new GM saw the newest bartender and two servers "sampling" wine.  Now, I do believe that this bartender just believed that we could do this when the wines were going out of date but the other two should have know better.  All three of them got suspended which just started their vacation to Sin City a few days sooner. The new GM was livid when she caught them. Hippie Chick was one of the two servers and when her and the GM were talking about this incident she promptly threw Cherokee under the bus because she "always let's us".  Complete B.S. Have there been a couple of instances in the past where we were allowed to try a sample of wine? Yes.  Is it something that happens every night or even once a week? No.  It was a couple of rare instances that happened months ago, but that fact was conveniently left out of Hippie Chicks statement (of course). I don't know why Miagi and the other manager were suspended, especially since neither one of them will let an employee have a free bowl of soup (let alone alcohol). 

So DM had been in the restaurant collecting statements from various people.  I don't know if any of the managers will end up having a job but it sounds like most statements are in the managers' favor--not that that means anything.