Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And now it's in my dreams

So here lately all my GM does is bitch at me. I can't say she is yelling because she doesn't raise her voice but her tone is just that. If I am doing something that she doesn't like I get called out on it in front of my team members. Apparently everyone else can stand around and BS with each other but if I stop for a minute then she is all up on me about why am I not working and how guests are suffering because I'm just BS with people. I tried sit in on a alley rally Sunday morning and she jumped my case because "the alley still needs put together". So I went back into the kitchen and put the cheese graters together (took maybe five minutes) and viola the line was put together. I go back out and she was half done with the alley rally. I would try and say that maybe she has a point about me standing around too much if, you know, any of the other four managers said any of the same thing.  They, however, actually compliment me on how much work I do while I am there. I have also had a couple of team member note how she is riding my ass but will ignore others doing (or not doing) the same thing as me. Last night I had this crappy dream:

cue dream music and the wavy cut scene

I'm working behind the bar on a super busy shift.  People are stuffed in the lobby like four fat people in a booth and our bar is not the cafe setting but a steak house setting (high wooden tables on a wooden floor as opposed to a little metal round table) and is extremely busy. This is great though because I'm rocking the shit out of this bar.  cut across the restaurant...I watch as a table of six walk in, ignore the host stand and all the people in the lobby, and seat themselves. I think I relay this event to the MOD and get a shrug from them. So I go out to the table (not happy at all, mind you) and start to greet them when I get the look. Bitch 1 says to me in her nasally, whiny, hag voice "we have no menus and this table is a mess" I roll my eyes and tell her that's what happens when you seat yourself in a restaurant that doesn't follow that procedure. She tries to out bitch me only to realize that I am the top bitch in this war and plays the final "get me your manager" card. I say "gladly" and walk away only to start freaking out because I know GM will be all over me and I rolled my eyes at the guest to their face...

end dream

I wake up to see that it is now ten am and time for me to start my day.  

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New View

I've been looking for another job and it's made me stop and think about why the hell I still work in a restaurant.  Here lately when a guest gets something comped I don't see it as customer service and making sure that they want to come back. I have been seeing, "oh here's another jack ass getting a comp so that they can come in next time and get the same comp and the next time and the next time etc."  Which ends up with me just being an uber bitch and ridiculously unhappy for no reason.

So the new glasses I will look at guests through will make them all out to be people who need to be medicated...or zombies...