Sunday, April 15, 2012

S@#% Managers Say...

1.  "He's a good worker...the only days he can't work are Fri and Sat because he's got that religion. You know, that one where he can't work from sunset to sun-up...Oh, what's it called...I had a guy at (insert other location) that had it too."

2. Picture a person with a rag in their hand cleaning when a manager approaches: "A, today when your not busy I need you to do (hands over a list)"
Me: "OK, well GM, I have already done (check marks 3 of the 4 items off the list) and as you can see am half done with item four.
GM: "Oh. (looks at list, looks over what I have checked off) Oh."

I see no end to the shit that my managers say so stay tuned for more :-) ....Oh and my computer is fixed so I will be back on a more regular basis.