Sunday, July 17, 2011

♫♪♫♪ Meltdown...fuck yeah...meltdown...fuck yeah! ♪♫♪♫

This post goes out to the lady who Flipped-the-Shiz-Out today.  Thank you ma'am for being such an asshole to the extent that ALL of us working got a laugh.  The melt down over our salad bowls not being from the freezer cold was hilarious.  We had run out but you didn't care; which lead to more laughing and snickering when you discovered that we touch the rims of the bowls with our hands (OH MY GOD!! THE HORROR).    A sincere and heartfelt thanks goes out to the table next to this one that told them to get the hell out...and imagine our surprise when flip-out lady did in fact leave. She made it to the host stand before screaming at the hosts and manager about how horrible this visit was and how she is never coming back (we can only hope).  Of course, this gave us another 15 minutes to all find a reason to go to the bar and watch all the drama.  I only wish someone had taken a video of it so we could watch it but, alas, she was lucky that no one had their phone out.

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  1. People are ridiculous... what does she think the kitchen staff touch her food with? tongs at all times? give me a break...