Sunday, August 21, 2011

Needin a break

I'm so tired of people right now.  All week it has been ringring...ringring...yes what time do you close? in 5 minutes, so if i come in right now you can still serve me?  fantastic i will be there in three

Twats.  Every single one of them.

As a result I have been finagling my way out of the FOH to work in the kitchen. Yes, I would much rather work in the heat for less pay than keep taking care of the fuck-staches that come in.

On a side note for those not in the biz, you have the luxury of getting off work at a specific time. You get off at 5, well at 4:55 if someone were trying to get you to do something you could, in fact, put it off until the next day (unless it's from your boss then...whatever) As a peon in a restaurant I don't get to tell you that we're closed, or to not come in, I have to let you come in. Even if we close at 10 and you walk in at 9:59 I have to sit your ass at a table. However, when coming in this late I will lock the doors precisely when we close and I will refuse to let any extra people in the building or let you leave and come back in. Also don't expect super fresh soup or bread and you have no right to get pissy when your salad comes out on the same tray as the entree.

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  1. I work in a historical village... It's the same. We close at 5, and unless it's completely dead, I don't close my doors before that. I've had people walk in as the bell is ringing, telling me "Oh we'll just have a quick look around" and then ask a million questions.
    my other peeve is when people see me changing in my site (i always have a shirt and some kind of shorts, so no nudity) and assume I'm still open. Um, no. I'm in jeans and a t shirt, not a skirt and blouse anymore. gtfo.