Friday, August 26, 2011

Umm...You are no better than I am, honey, so slow your roll

I had a job interview for a sales/teller position today.  The first interview I had with this company I completely rocked. The guy loved me and my personality (which is not a code for the girls since they were completely covered up). So this interview I show up and am told that the girl is in a meeting. I'm a little put off but the meeting is with her boss so I don't get too concerned.  About 15-20 minutes later I'm still waiting and boss and chica have gone into shootin-the-shit mode of their "meeting".  One of the workers (both of which were super nice btw) asked what time my interview was for and when I told them she interrupted the bosses for me. So I go in and chica is all sorry and I'm all no worries things come up it's cool. We chit-chat for about 30 seconds and then get to the interview.

Then it happens..."I know as a server (sneer) you don't have quotas or anything like that so how do you think you will handle it." and, "what about customer service, how will you handle that?"

Because, you know, working in a restaurant is not about customer service at all...and there may not be quotas per se but some companies do throw conniptions if you don't hit the sales goal they set....don't sneer at me because I work in the restaurant biz when you only work in a bank (and not even that high up). And mostly, don't waste my time when you already have a preconceived notion of who I am.  You weren't going to hire my so why even go through the interview?

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  1. What a bummer -- sorry that happened to you. The same people who assume all waiters and waitresses are stupid, uneducated and have no job skills are the ones who freak out and throw a temper tantrum the second anything goes wrong. And half the time it wasn't the server's fault. We are held to high standards yet given no credit for what we do.