Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Yesterday my manager, my co-worker/friend Sheva, and I were having a conversation about the fact that Sheva is Ethiopian.  I learned a new word which I used....oh...only about 50 times today.  The conversation was sort of like this:

blahblah yackiity blah...
Me: You speak pretty good English for someone who isn't from here. When did yall move?
Manager: A, stop that.
Sheva: *laughing We moved when  I was about four.
Me: So how much of your family is in the states?
Sheva: Oh my mom, dad, sister, an aunt and uncle....lists some more
Manager: So have you gotten to visit your family over in Africa?
Sheva: Yes last year
Me: Do they live in cities or out in mud huts while Susan Struthers eats all their food?
Manager: A!
Me: What it's a legitimate question!?! And it's not like I don't know that there is at least one city that has electricity
Manager: A! You're not being P.C.
Sheva: *laughing* blah blah ...paved roads...blah blah out farther dirt roads...blah
Me: So...did you have shoes before you were four or did you get your first pair here?
Manager: A...*whispers* P.C. *turns to co-worker* Does your family speak Ethipiopian? Say something please?
Me: Ew! Oh! hey you should teach me a word *nodding enthusiastically
Manager: No don't...
Sheva: *laughing* ok...teaches me the word then says something else
Me: practicing under my breath
Manager: What did you say...wait what did you teach her?
Sheva: *says what she said but not what she taught me
Me: so it's ****
Sheva: nodding
Manager: What is that A?
Me: Dumbass... *smirk
Manager: A...
Me: What? It's not like the word is technically a bad word...I mean I could just say chingada or chinga su those are bad words. Plus I could be walking past tables and say **** and they have no clue what I'm saying and if they ask then I can totally deflect them with how I have this awesome co-worker from Ethiopia and how she's teaching it to me.  If they do happen to know what I'm really saying then *getting innocent, blank look on my face* Well, jeez, it's no wonder my friend is laughing at me if that is what I'm saying.
 Manager: A...*at this point she just shakes her head*...just...P.C....
Me: Boss, I have to get this non-P.C. stuff out before I become a manager...or at least be able to contain it....or own my own restaurant, then I could say whatever...

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