Wednesday, March 16, 2011

♫♪ Closing time...finish your whiskey or beer... ♪♫

I sometimes wonder where these people come from.  Seriously, this city is NOT Vegas (or other 24 hour cities) we're in the MIDWEST. There are only a handful of restaurants that are open after ten/eleven (think like IHOP and one or two pizza places).  Tonight from about 9:15 until 10:27 the only phone calls I get are people who ask, "What time do you close?"   So while I get to answer these, the best ones were the two that came after we closed.

caller 1: what time do you close
me: we closed fifteen minutes ago, Sun-Thurs we close at 10, Fri and Sat we close at 11.
caller 1: ok thanks

caller 2: when do yall close?
me: we closed 27 minutes ago, Sun-blah blah blah
caller 2: stuttering blah blah thanks...
me: have a great night *click*


  1. I get the same calls EVERY TIME I close. I hate when we are still open but close to closing. I want to lie to them and say we are already closed. But I don't. Then they show up!! UGH!!

  2. I'm pretty lucky because once it is thirty minutes prior to close I can't take orders over the phone. Most of the time people won't order once they can't call it in but I have had a few die-hards that really want their pasta.