Saturday, June 26, 2010


Ugh...tonight me and the other bartender stood around doing nothing until 7:15. He had been there since four and I got there at five. So between 4 and 7 all we had done was made drinks for 15 tickets (yes we actually had time to count). Management wouldn't let him leave because they were afraid we would get to busy (yeah I get the fear but my wallet hates it) we never did though. We had a total of three guests sit down and for 45 minutes we had our little rush. After tip out we each only made 23 dollars....on a side note one of the couple that sat down made me laugh. Evidently one of our competitors serves and italian style meatloaf (had no clue about this) so when they sat down she looks over the  menu and asked if we had meatloaf tonight. I couldn't help it she got the you're-an-idiot look with a slight no head shake.  Her guy thought it was the funniest thing though...they were both great...the exact kind of guests we all want; super polite--every single time I set something down, no matter how sneaky I tried to do it, she always said thank you, when me or the other bartender would talk to them they would listen and actually look at us while we were speaking, and they tipped 25%. Fan-friggin-tastic... seriously the guests that always make the job worth it....

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