Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I live in a dry county, so that means (supposedly) no alcohol is served in public places. The way all the bars and restaurants get away with serving food is by having people join a "private club"...meaning all they do at out location is sign a book with a name (doesn't have to be real) and a town (again doesn't have to be their real town).....last night we have a guest come in and the host greets him and asks him to sign in with a name and town (yes we even say a name not your name) he looks at her says "no, i'm good" and she in turn lets him know that until he signs our book we cannot server him. He walks out the door.I'm sorry but just because the majority of the other restaurants don't do there job and make you sign something when you walk in doesn't mean that we're going to follow suit. My place of employment actually does follow the law...and according to one ABC person (although this changes depending on which  person comes in) we aren't even doing it correctly.

And by throwing your little fit we can all tell what kind of douche you would have been to the server. So I just wanted to say thank you for leaving, buh-bye.

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  1. so something happened that has to do with the liquor laws...had a couple come in set at the bar and girl orders a drink, ok i card her because she's somewhere around my age, her man doesn't have his id...i'm sorry i can't serve you, he goes to try and find it and ends up bringing in a prescription that has his birthday and a credit card that has his picture, and then gets mad because i won't serve him....really!? if there are places where this is an acceptable form of id-ing a person someone please let me know. if your under 40 i'm gonna card you that's my job. i can't afford to lose this job, get jail time, and get a fine; and for you to get upset because your under 30 and being carded...sir you can suck ass