Tuesday, June 22, 2010


so a couple of weeks ago I got a write-up....yes I know it's ok be shocked...it started with this coworker...we'll call her Bulletproof...Bullet comes up to me and I guess another coworker (church lady) had told her not to speak in Spanish and that any language is ok except for Spanish. Bullet comes up to me and asks why it would be ok to have a conversation in Japanese but not Spanish, I told her any language regardless of what it is could be considered rude in front of guests that don't know said language. We went on to talk some more and she asked me the same questions again. I said I could care less what language is spoken in front of me as long as it's not about me and recapped my previous statement. We go on to talk some more about other topics and again she asks me the original question. Again I say any language that leaves someone out of the conversation because they don't understand can be considered rude. At this point I have to go take care of a guest and walk off.
Evidently she feels that because of what Church Lady and I said that she can no longer speak Spanish. I can't and am not speaking for Church Lady; I only got what was said from Bulletproof so I don't know the context of her and Church Lady's discussion. With my discussion, however, I never said anything against Spanish. and yes I can see that my statement taken by itself could be taken against Spanish but we had a full conversation around it where I said any language.
That incident took place about a month and a half to two months ago. About three or four weeks ago my district manager calls me into the office and asks me about it. I told him and wrote my statement and it ended with me being told to not fall for the manipulative questions (the fact that she asked me multiple times) and with Church Lady being let go.
It gets better though because Bulletproof also got called in the office. I don't know if she received a write-up but I do know she was in there crying for a period of time.

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