Friday, July 2, 2010


When you go out to eat do you ever feel like just maybe your server is trying to piss you off?
me:hi ladies how are we doing today?...(your good reply)...well, my name is A---
lady guest: (interrupting) do you have any REAL sweet & low, or is it just this generic crap?
me: well ma'am i'm pretty sure that is REAL sweet & low, just in our packaging
lg: *blank stare
me: so can i get you anything to drink today?
lg: well i did want tea but since you don't know what this (punctuated with you throwing the packet back to the sugar caddy) is i guess (now sounding truly put upon) i'll just have Coke
me: alrighty i will be right back with yall's drinks
Here's the thing lady I don't know if you noticed but when you sat down I came up and greeted your table and took your order. This obviously means that I wait tables. Which (smart people please bear with me) mean that I DON'T make any big decisions about what our corporation back to the table with drinks (i also have drinks on my tray for the other two table that sat down, drop all the drinks off and come back to get orders)...
lg's friend: i'll have (orders a dish that comes with salad or soup can chooses salad)
me: and ma'am what can i get for you today
lg: i'll have the (orders an appetizer that does not come with anything)
me: ok would you like to add a salad with that today?
lg: no i'm fine
me: alright then i will just get this in for yall,(turn to friend) i will be right back with your salad
go grab the other orders from my other tables and at this point i also have people sitting at the bar who i get their orders for, get a coworker to help grab those drinks while i go make 5 salads and bread for eveybody head back out...
me: (as i'm dropping her friends salad) can i go ahead and get you ladies anything else
lg: this Coke, there is something wrong with's just blech (with the icky face)
me: ok would you like me to try the other drink station or would you prefer something else
lg: no i guess just go with water (sounding very put upon because we carry generic crap and icky coke)
me: i'll be right back with that for you (drop the rest of my salads make sure everyone else is good(luckily they are) go get her water and bring it out and low and behold she's eating salad)
Here's another thing, I point blank asked if you wanted salad and you said no, this means that your friend gets unlimited refills on her salad but you don't get any. So now I'm watching and notice that you eat half of it (a couple of bites I would have ignored) I now have more guests and everything is starting to get hectic but i do notice that you two are low on bread and your friend did give me the heads up to "keep it comin" so I come out with your next basket of bread...
me: here's fresh bread for you and I checked on your food it should be out momentarily
lg: can we get another salad? with more dressing this time you didn't put enough on last time (with the attitude, really?!)
me: (at this point i'm really busy but still polite(and normally i do tell them that they would have an additional charge but i didn't feel like i had the time to sit there and explain while dealing with more condescension so decide to not let them know and let a manager deal with it(and now i know my tip is gone because they are going to dispute the charge but i refuse to loose my job over three dollars))) i will be right back with that ma'am anything else while i'm back there?
lg: no
k so I go and do another round to all my tables and guests, thank god my manager, texas, (the one with bar experience) is there because I haven't been behind the bar to make drinks in 10 minutes or so. bring everything out. Their food ends up following me to the table. fast forward to the end of the meal...
me: hey texas, i just wanna give you a heads up that 111 is going to be unhappy that i charged them for her add salad
texas: did you let them know about it before you did it
me: no i've been running around....ok really i just didn't want to deal with the attitude (she's been by this table and had to deal with the condescension so she know where i'm coming from on that point)
texas: see you should have let them know that's where yall mess up....blah blah *lecture, how much did she eat?
me: about half and she said no when i point blanks asked about the salad with her appetizer

i'm tired of typing now so long story short they aren't happy with the bill she explains that the first salad two people can eat without being charged for an extra one (as long as one of them orders something that comes with salad) but once they order a refill they have to be charged, and at this point they decide i am a bad server very not pleasant (now remember she's been by the table a few times and they never had any complaints about my attitude just our gross coke and generic crap) and they stiff me....but you know what it's ok, at least i make an hourly wage (since i was clocked in as a bartender) and i got a little light revenge on a condescending attitude....

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