Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gee that's nice

Went out last night and got the creepy/insult combo pick up line. My friend and I are talking to the bartenders and this guy comes up stands on the other side of her and starts talking to me.
stranger: "so i don't think i'm good enough for your friend....she's just to good for me....i'd like to get to know you though"
me: thinking to self great what a way to wow me that's so sweet...*half smile
stranger:  "so tomorrow if you'll be here i'd like to try this again when i'm more sober"
i focus in on  my friend's conversation with the bartender but dud catches my eye again and starts in on how i'm moving soon and how he can find a job anywhere...gas station attendant, construction, blah blah, and if i have family over there then they can help find something--still not sure if he was referring to them helping him or me... but seriously dud i just met you last night, in fact i didn't even talk to you until you started hitting on me because my friend is too good for you. thanks for that by the way. and after just meeting me your ready to move 200 miles away? ick, don't start on that--and don't tell me about how you stopped here on your way through to somewhere else because your son started a family here. again ick, i'm 26 and i don't have a daddy complex the oldest guy that i'm willing to date is 36. ugh!

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