Monday, October 1, 2012

A Tale of Woe... of sorrow and sadness. Without further ado...

It all started last Thursday when I was at work setting up and delivering a donation--it's great, I work maybe 2.5 hours and get to go home--once I was done I went home and grabbing my mail started walking to my door. Upon my porch I smell the tangent scent of dog shit. I shrug to myself and proceed into my apartment but I only get as far as the door before I turn around to deliver some mail to a neighbor. Once I get back to my porch I say "Self, just for kicks and shits check your shoes." I do. And lo and behold there on the toe of my safety treaded shoes is dog shit. Yes, my friends, all up in that tread was a healthy dog's waste product.

Now you might be asking if I cleaned it out. No, no I did not. I left my shoes on my tile foyer and waited until my shift Saturday to clean it. Did I spray it out using the hose at work? Nah, I just walked through enough puddles in the kitchen that by the time I went home there was no more shit in my shoe.

Your welcome, my dear co-workers for being able to share in the taking home some shit.

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