Wednesday, August 29, 2012

S@#% Managers Say...Part 2

Closing time with Manager and Training Manager:
*Manager drawing a "map"
Manager: "and this is Texas"
Me: " 4 Oklahoma's can fit in Texas?"
Manager (refining his map): "This is really Texas, that's Mexico." adding some details "that's Cancun, and there's Cozumel..."---note that Cancun and Cozumel are now on opposite sides of Mexico, with Cozumel being an island
Me: "Your Cancun looks like a penis. Is Cancun Mexico's penis?"
Manager: "...Yes, yes it is"

Another time with the same two managers:
Manager 1: "...and chingaleras means things..."
Manager 2: *nods "Ooohh" *chuckles
*note: manager 2 is hispanic and fluent in spanish
*note: for those who do not speak spanish please do not repeat that to your spanish speaking does not mean things

A conversation between me and the GM:
*note: I have recently dyed my hair to all one color (raspberry truffle to those who are curious) and it is a shade darker than my natural color with a little more red to it.
GM: "did you dye your hair?"
Me: "Yep, last Sunday."
GM: "it makes you look old..."
Me: *eyebrow raised waiting for her to continue
GM: " I looks good...real good, it just makes you look older..."
Me: "Thanks..." *changed the topic

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