Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another V-Day survived

Another busy holiday that I survived.  It actually wasn't all that bad, there were four of us which was great since we were super busy.  Had a few guests worth mentioning:

Guest calls in the middle of the rush twice. What did she want? To know in our professional opinion what type of olive oil is best. I spent probably 10 minutes with this lady telling her to read the back of the oil package and to stay away from trans-fats...gotta love old people

Lady calls at the beginning of our rush for the wait time for a party of 11.  When I tell her it's going to be an hour and that we don't take call ahead's or reservations she pop's out this gem, "so we would have to wait in line?" yes lady that is exactly what I mean.

Our take out orders were taking about 30 to 45 minutes and a lady calls in, when I tell her how long it is going to take her angry retort is, "what? you're kidding, it's just an order for soup!" Well ma'am I only have twenty orders being made plus another fifteen that will be going through to the kitchen shortly, but yes I will throw all those aside so you can have your soup....Good luck getting through the door to pick up your order though.

A lady calls and asks about...actually I can't remember if it was for take out or for the dine in wait...I tell her how long it is and she bursts out with, "ugh, why is it so busy it's just Monday!" and I tell her "well it's Valentines Day" her response? "I know that"...oh I'm sorry that was rhetorical...you shouldn't ask those type of questions over the phone because I can get away with smart ass answers as long as I keep my tone pleasant and ever-so-helpful

and the Best Guest Award goes to this lady: "Hi, I was wondering how long your wait was?"...I tell her an hour..."Fabulous! And you guys do have wine right?"...um yes, we have a lot of wine..."Fabulous, thank you so much!"

thank you for the picture http://www.freakingnews.com/Gold-Medal-Winner-Mariel-Zagunis-Pics-53533.asp

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