Sunday, January 30, 2011


So it's not that I am necessarily opposed to organized religion and the people that follow it.  I mean if it makes you happy to go to a service every weekend, then fine go...especially if you feel that this makes you a better person.  However, if you think that those "saving your soul" pamphlets are to be considered a tip then your a rude, pompous  cocktard. If you leave these and a tip then I might actually read it, but by leaving these as the tip you are ensuring that I never come to your place of faith and that I talk about how the one person I met from there is in fact a rude, pompous cocktard.

I have decided upon a plan of action for this though.  Anytime that I get these pamphlets I will go to a random church and put them in the collection plate as my offerings.  I'm still considering whether or not I should staple a note of 'apology' about how since some people feel that these pamphlets constitute a tip that this is all I can give that week....or maybe I'm just concerned with saving the higher power's soul....